One of the unique ways that Milam & Company partners with commercial projects, the petroleum industry and other phases of the construction process is through a carefully structured and managed maintenance program.
The advantage that sets us apart is that we maintain a team of master tradesmen and construction professionals on staff. That means that we can respond quickly and efficiently to every challenge that arises.

Whatever your maintenance needs, Milam & Company is on the job:

  • Our electrical teams can handle your lighting, pumps, motors, or any other electrical maintenance issue you may encounter.
  • Our welders can perform repairs on your canopies, fascia, or structural steel.
  • Our construction specialists can install or repair floors including ceramic, carpet, or vinyl composite tile.

  • Other teams of professionals will carry out door and/or hardware adjustments or replacements, maintain or install ceiling grid and acoustical tile,
    as well as bumper posts and pipe bollards installation or replacements.
    We can even strip and repair your asphalt.

    Milam & Company...

    enjoys an extensive background in the petroleum industry. this means that we understand the individual needs of your business down to the last detail. From the latest in safety codes to potential liability hazards, we not only solve maintenance problems but we are proactive in protecting you and your investment.

    Any downtime at your location means lost revenue. Milam & Company is committed to providing the kind of maintenance service that will keep each of your locations operating at an optimal level. Even more importantly, Milam & Company is a company you can trust to care for your valuable investment.