Linden Street Roadway Project

Milam and Co. would like to thank the City of Trussville for awarding ‎us the bid on the Linden Street Roadway Project. This project consisted of roadway and storm ‎drainage improvements along Linden Street in Trussville between Tiffany Drive and Highland Avenue look these up. ‎Prior to the project, this portion of the street had open drainage ditches along either side of the road. ‎Due to the steep slope, during heavy rains the ditches would overfill on the lower side of the road and ‎cause water damage to yards and houses. Milam and Co. installed a total of 1,300 lineal feet of ‎drainage pipe, 16 storm structures and 2,000 lineal feet of curb and gutter. The lower section of the ‎new drainage system had to be routed through private residential property and empties into a ‎detention pond previously built by Milam & Co. for the City of Trussville. As the pipe and structures ‎were being placed and backfilled, curb and gutter followed closely behind. Sod was installed on 100% ‎of the disturbed areas and was put in place as soon as the curb and gutter cured. The last phase of the ‎project will be resurfacing the street with a 1” asphalt overlay and pavement markings.‎