Artifacts Discovery Halts Trussville Stadium Construction

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Alabama archeologists say they have discovered artifacts dating back 3,000 years in Trussville. The problem is, they’re located on the exact site where Trussville High School wants to build a new football stadium.

The site is located a few hundred yards from Hewitt-Trussville high school, adjacent to the current practice field, and only a short distance from the city’s civic center.

Matthew Gage heads the University of Alabama’s archeological research office. His team is tasked with removing artifacts from the site.

“What we want to do is collect the data in a scientific manner, in an appropriate manner so that we don’t lose it,” said Gage.

But before his team can remove the artifacts, federally recognized Native American tribes have to approve the plan. That process could take anywhere from three to eight months.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to get back there and do some excavation,” said Gage.

By itself, the survey to make the excavation plan has cost the city over $140,000. That price tag combined with the construction delay has some people around town concerned.

“I think, number one, it’s delayed the project but sometimes you run into things that you don’t have any control over. Just hoping it won’t delay it too long,” said resident Mike Milam. “It’s something that I guess we’ve got to do, but it’s $140,000 dollars I guess we could use elsewhere.”

The city still hopes the stadium will be built by next school year. While that timeline is now in jeopardy, the project itself should eventually move forward.

“This will definitely not be something that prevents it from happening, this is basically a bump in the road,” Gage said.